Many Jobs Are Just Not Coming Back!

This damn pandemic has produced a lot of differing opinions. Whether about masks and their effectiveness or not, certain drugs that have been pushed and found not to have efficacy, how long and how close one could be without catching COVID from someone already infected, how infectious and how long an A-symtomatic person is, does the virus given you immunity antibodies forever after you’ve recovered and what’s the best strategy to stop this thing from going forward. Those are all debatable points, but what’s not debatable is the effect coronavirus has had on our economy. The unemployment numbers are staggering and even with some folks getting back to work more are filing for benefits. Here’s a sad bit of truth, almost half of all jobs lost during the pandemic may be gone permanently! Think of all the restaurants and bars and stores that have closed and will not be re-opening. It’s a very sad state of affairs, but one that is staring us all in the face.

Half of all jobs lost won’t be back! Click Here.