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Mardi Gras fun facts! (beads included)

It is Mardi Gras 2019!!! Let the beads be thrown.  I have never been to New Orleans, let alone the Gras, but it is on my bucket list for sure!  Here are some fun facts to share with your fellow revelers!

New Orleans paramedics are warning Mardi Gras revelers not to text and parade at the same time. They have treated people, who have been hit in the face with beads while they were texting.  New Orleans EMS tweeted: ”Heads up, hands out while floats are passing. We’re seeing face/head injuries from beads.”

For the ninth year in a row, male Mardi Gras revelers are being warned about crossdressing thieves. According to a net report, the sexy she-males lure men into alleys before lifting their shirts and brandishing weapons. In years past, many partygoers were too drunk to put up a fight and gave up their wallets without a struggle.

Over 750,000 people are expected to party in New Orleans today for Mardi Gras.

An NBC poll reveals that 50% of Americans celebrate Mardi Gras, while 70% would consider signing a petition to make Mardi Gras a national holiday.

According to a study done by the University of New Orleans, Mardi Gras celebrations generate $840 million annually. New Orleans alone makes over $144 million from their Mardi Gras celebrations.

Four hundred floats are expected to parade through New Orleans today.

According to Your Tango, 42% of men expect to hookup with somebody they meet at a Mardi Gras party.

8% of men and 63% of women will down at least five or six drinks during their Mardi Gras party today. 25% of men will have at least 16 drinks while 15% of women will down the same amount throughout the day today. (Source: the Journal of Sex Research)

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