Marilyn Is Still At The Top Of The Heap!

I have always like art and especially the kind you can hang on the wall to make part of your daily existence because it’s there every time you walk by it. I think my love of art came from my Mom who was not an artist but who taught me to appreciate beauty in many forms and savor it whenever I could. I have a couple of John Lennon litho’s with Yoko’s personal stamp on them. I guess that makes them more unique. At least that’s what I tell myself, but really it’s the art itself that I love. I also have a  Thomas McKnight serigraph of Chicago Lakefront Ltd. that’s numbered and is very beautiful. His colors are magnificent. It has some value and I also love having it in my home. Oh and by the way if you’re thinking of stopping by and helping yourself…well just make sure you avoid Peter and Gorden, my two cobra’s who roam the house when I’m not here, but my real point to all this is that someone bought Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe and paid $195 Million. I mean last week Kim Kardashian wore Marilyn’s iconic “Happy Birthday Mr. President Dress” to the Met Gala and that’s the only other time it’s been worn (oh and by the way Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum paid $4.8 Mil for that dress) Now the Warhol, man that’s some precious cargo! Marilyn’s Still Got It 60 Years Later!!!

Warhol’s Marilyn Goes For Big Buck$