So last night I asked listeners to give me suggestions of questions that I could use in my Music Challenge … (one could say I was being lazy and having the listeners do my job for me … but I like to think of it more as just sharing the fun.)  Seriously though, I knew you guys would come up with some good ones.  In fact I decided to make the rest of the month listener questions starting with tonight’s rather appropriate one from listener Mark Buttrum.  He wanted to know a song that mentions heat.  This one is not only appropriate due to the temps we are expecting this weekend but also because today is Martha Reeves birthday and of course Martha is known for that fabulous song Heatwave.   I literally played that 45 over and over when I was a kid … such a great song.

There are many great songs about the heat.   Buster sang about things being Hot Hot Hot… Billy sang about it being Hot in the City and of course Foreigner sang about being Hot Blooded.

The song I chose is actually not much about being Hot … I probably could have come up with a more on topic one … but any chance I get to listen to The Style Council is a good day.   I remember when I first heard this song … I instantly ran out and bought the 12 inch and I played it all summer long.  It’s a lovely video and Paul Weller is one of my favorite vocalists.

So enjoy this eighties classic from The Style Council and then go over to Facebook to answer the Mark Buttrum Music Challenge question!