Mask or No Mask? Depends On Where You Live!

I think we all agree that this new no mask needed if you’re fully vaccinated mandate from the CDC and The President are welcome pronouncements. The past 15 months have been nothing short of living in a bubble. The businesses that have closed, the jobs lost, the events that have been cancelled, the people you been unable to see and sadly of course the incredible loss of life here in the states and all around the world. And let’s be honest this pandemic is far from over, but we have turned a corner here in America. The vaccinations are working and I hope you are stepping up and ready to take your shot. The masks helped to stem the tide of coronavirus, but sadly masks were made a political target. Well it’s good news now that brings us to this historic time, but you still need to keep in mind where you live and what you’re about. Certain places, businesses, public gatherings and transportation services will need to keep the mandates in play. The key is if you are fully vaccinated you’re good to go. Common sense should prevail here although it certainly hasn’t in the past! I read some guys comment about all this and he used the word tyranny. I ask him to explain how this all was tyranny, but no response. He really should look up the term. This mask mandate was a protective move to help stop the spread of COVID 19 and not something to take away your freedom or your rights. If you were wearing a mask it was to protect you and me. Simple as that and thanks for caring about your fellow man.

Mask Or No Mask? That Depends Where You Live.