Masks And Vaccines. Part Of Everyday Life After A Year!

As we continue down the COVID path I think I’ve made my position pretty clear. I’m all about prevention and whatever it takes. So when I say “Wear the damn mask” I’m using the science that has been presented and I concur. There are some who do not, but my problem with those who choose not to wear a mask is that they have no props to back up their claims that the masks don’t do any good. Wearing a mask slows down and or prevents the spread of the virus from you or to you! Now there is more controversy over the latest vaccine from Johnson & Johnson. Some think because the efficacy  isn’t as high as the Moderna or Pfizer it isn’t as a effective and people should stay away from it. The testing and development was very different from the other two and the scientists say it is very affective in keeping you alive and out of the hospital. Lowering your chances of dying from the coronavirus. That’s why we’re all looking to get our shots, right!! I’ve been eligible for a while but have had trouble (like many others) in getting an appointment. A friend finally got me locked in (thanks Kelly) and I go for my first dose this weekend. I urge everyone to get their shots when the opportunity presents itself. It’s what we must do to stop this awful pandemic and get our lives back.

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