Maybe You Should Actually Be Recycling LESS.

Hi this is Leslie Harris, and I have been recycling for over 25 years, long before it became trendy, long before I had curbside service, but if you are recycling the following items, you need to stop immediately!

First on the list is plastic bags. You can recycle these, but NOT in your recycling bins. Most grocery stores have bins for these, and since you have to go shopping anyway, it’s not out of your way to take the bags there.

Most paper is appropriate for the recycling bin, but not anything that is dirty, has food stuck to it, or has any kind of metallic bits, like wrapping paper. Other types of paper to keep out of the recycling bins include frozen food containers, disposable coffee cups and shredded paper. That last one surprised me, but the bits are too small, and can clog the recycling equipment. Also keep broken pieces of porcelain and Pyrex out of your recycling bins.

The problem here is that if you put these items into your bins, it can mess up an entire load of recycling, and then it may all just go into a landfill!

If we all do our part, we’ll have a healthier and cleaner Planet for all to enjoy.

What steps are you taking to help the environment? Let me know in the comments.

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