Meeting someone with the same taste in music is seriously the greatest thing ever.

I don’t know about you but how much more do you love  a person when you find out that they have the same taste in music as you?  I think most of my friends from high school came about because we loved the same band.  (Duranies always found each other).

Music is a great conversation icebreaker.  When you’re at a party, you can always comment on the music playing or mention a concert you went to knowing you aren’t bringing up any tricky topics.   This is usually how you find out quite quickly if you have something in common with the person you are talking to.  Having music in common often means you have other things in common too.   One study  looked at  college students who had been rooming together for a few months and were asked about music preference, how much they liked each other and a variety of questions about similarities in values. Music preferences predicted similarities in values, which in turn predicted how much the roommates liked each other.  Hmmm… interesting…

In the end, of course, we can’t know from this research whether music influences values or values influence the music people like (or both). That is, people may generally spend time with others who share their values. In these social settings, music is often shared, and the music you hear affects what music you like. So, sharing values could cause music preference.  (Woah … mind blown)

Anyhoo all I know is that some of my best friends are passionate about some of the same bands I am and that fact does make us closer…essentially because we feel like we (and we alone) totally get what music is all about and that makes us extra cool – LOL!!




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