Merry Clayton Seeking Shelter Once Again In Music.

So when you first heard the song “Gimme Shelter” by the Rolling Stones from their “Let It Bleed” album did you wonder who that other voice was singing backup with Mick? I did and found out it was a woman named Merry Clayton. One of the most in-demand back-up singers of her day. The recording of the song was a last minute, late night session with Clayton being summoned from bed around midnight by producer Jack Nietzsche. She was heavily pregnant made her recording with just a few takes and then returned home to bed. In 1970, Clayton recorded her own version of “Gimme Shelter”, and it became the title track of her debut solo album. Among other achievements she starred as the original Acid Queen in the first production of The Who’s Tommy in London in 1972. She has had a broad and varying career and has come through triumph and tragedy with grace and dignity. She has recorded a new album called “Beautiful Scars” and and she wears them well.

Merry Clayton Bares Her “Beautiful Scars’ Click Here.