Metallica On The Big Screen @ Your Local Drive-in!

So we’ve talked about this before, but this year we are lacking in so much. The pandemic has taken away live music, theater, dinners with friends, a drink at the bar, movies and the list goes on! Nothing is normal! Nothing is the same and the question really is will it ever be normal again? Personally, I believe things will be normal again, but maybe just not as we’ve been used to. Remember, man is the most adaptable species on the planet and we’ve found a lot of ways to make things better by simply looking at something and saying how bout this? Can’t gather for a concert, how about something remote. Need a venue to stage a show? How about a  drive-in. Here’s what I’ve got! If you want to see and hear Metallica with strings, the group’s latest collaboration with the San Francisco Symphony, the live album/documentary “S&M2,” will be released for home entertainment August 28. But if you want to experience Metallica with horns car horns, that is the band will be coming to drive-ins on August 29 with a one-night-only concert film. Their performance will mark the third presented on drive-in screens this summer by Encore Live, and the first to venture outside the country genre. The company’s two prior pandemic-era presentations featured Garth Brooks in June and Blake Shelton in July. Like those predecessors, the Metallica show will be pre-recorded and appear on hundreds of outdoor screens, including a mixture of fixed drive-in theater locations and pop-ups.

Metallica On The Big Screen. Click here.