Source: YouTube

Metallica has remained committed to supporting American Sign Language.

Earlier in April, the band released an ASL-interpreted video of the title track for “72 Seasons.”

Now, the remainder of the album’s songs have gotten the same treatment!

The band worked with Amber Galloway of Amber G Productions and the Deaf Professional Arts Network for these special videos.

“Metallica has shown the world what access and inclusiveness can look like,” Galloway said. “Often times, hearing individuals think that captioning a music video is sufficient. Sadly text does not show intonations. It doesn’t show the emotional connection that ASL does. These videos also capture the voices of the instruments.”

Here are a few more ASL interpreted videos for Metallica songs! (Click on the three-lines at the top-right of the video to choose a song).

As a matter of fact, ASL is just ONE of the languages that Metallica translates their music videos for.

Here are all the songs in Portuguese!

You can find video playlists of all the new Metallica jams in MANY languages on their YouTube channel.