I wore out the original Metallica S&M album when it came out 20 years ago. To this day, I get so much enjoyment from listening to it! I love when two different genres of music come together and create something unique.

What I didn’t know is that last month, Metallica AGAIN performed with the SFS last month for S&M2! The film was originally only supposed to be out for one day (last Wednesday the 9th), but there appears to be more dates added!

It will also be shows on Sunday (13th), Monday (14th). Wednesday (16th) at select theaters around the area!

Find a theater showing the film and buy tickets here!

You better mentally prepare though, because it clocks in at a 2:39 run time…that’s two hours and 39 minutes!

Sure, you can probably wait for it to be releases on other formats, but you probably don’t have the sound system that a movie theater does. GO SEE IT!