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This poor guy has been unfairly raked over the coals for the epic collapse of the 2003 Cubs. The reaction was swift when Steve Bartman grabbed that foul ball, an instictive move most any fan would have done. But with decades to reflect back, most Cubs fans understand it was the on-field play that cost them a chance at a World Series that year, not the action of one fan in one moment.

That doesn’t mean the memory is a brutal one, for players, fans and Bartman himself. All the guy wants is to be left alone, and it seems most people are happy to oblige that request.

Well…the Miami Marlins have entered the chat.

Yeah, that’s not a joke, my friends.

A Cubs season ticket holder got that email promoting a “Bartman Appreciation Weekend” to “honor” his efforts in helping the Marlins win that series.

It’s about as low as low can get for a baseball franchine, not to mention they are using a private citizens name to make money, which I hope their lawyers looked at.

I’m sure they are going to walk this back, if they haven’t already, but man, the damage is done. Actually, I’m not sure the Miami Marlins could be held in any LESS esteem than they already are, so I’m not sure how much damage they can actually sustain. Even if it was a joke from the beginning, it was one done in bad taste. A professional sports franchise going after…just some guy?

The marketing team down in Miami needs an overhaul. This is just embarrassing, and I’m a White Sox fan!