Mitch & Baarack Both Need A Shirring!

So as COVID continues to shape our lives, our world and our actions we all have different decisions to make each day. Staying home or not seeing anyone at work gives us the freedom to dress down or be more casual and not be as aware or concerned about our appearance. I know that I have more of my favorite pieces of clothing that are being employed in my weekly wardrobe and I don’t worry “Gee did I just wear this last week”? It’s clean and I don’t care! I have to say my pandemic pony (tail) that both my daughters want gone as well as several of my friends is another personal presentation that I’m not worried about. I have the frontal facial hair, but shave the rest of my face maybe once a week. You can’t see that on the radio now can ya! Now it’s not that I don’t care about my appearance, it’s just the anonymity of not seeing most folks makes it more palatable. But we all have those insecurities that make us take note and work a little harder on how we look. I raise these points because I saw this story of a sheep found in Australia that had been neglected and lost in a forest with over 75 pounds of wool on him. He was really struggling. His name is Baarack and his rescuers did shear him but his new appearance was a bit of a shock and took some time getting use to. He’s doing just fine now! Once I get my COVID shots I’m going back to the pre-pandemic look of hair shorter and more collected. I think I take pride in my appearance each day and I’m not worried about being a bit freaked out after the hairs are shorn from my head. Like Baarack it might be a bit of a shock at first, but I’ll get used to it in the end just like he did.

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