So last night Mr. Doin’ the Cruise wanted us to remember way back to when we first bought our very first album.   Tonight we don’t have to go back so far … but in a way we kinda do.  Mitch wants to know … What is the last album you bought?

Woah … this is a tough one for me … I honestly haven’t bought an album from a store in ages.   Like most of the world … I am a down-loader and as much as I miss my vinyl and CD collection … I don’t miss the space they took up.

Then I remembered … I did buy a CD at a show relatively recently.   I went to see this super fun band from Texas (well half the band is from Texas and half the band in from New York City which is why they have such a unique sound.)   They put on an amazing show and I actually bought 3 of their CD’s to take home … one for me and two for friends who I knew would love their sound.   So check them out below  and you should totally buy their CD and go see them when they next come to town.

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