So tonight Mitch is going a little negative … but you know,  sometimes you got talk about the bad experiences.   I have been really lucky in that I have seen some really great concerts in my life time.   (Of course I am no Mitch Michaels who has seen the Beatles and the Doors …he’s so lucky).  I can honestly say … although I have seen quite a few bad performances usually they are at shows where the opening act were so great that I didn’t feel like it was a terrible show over all.  (Tears For Fears saved the day when they opened for Hall and Oats who were very low energy when I saw them a few years ago.)

I have had things go wrong at concerts too.   I have been separated from friends, had cars break down (lost my car in giant parking lots) and back in the day I may have over indulged in a few beverages and once crawled on the stage only to be pulled back security, (however I clearly remember thinking the guitarist needed my help at that particular show!)

BUT all those things aside … I can really only think of one concert where I came home feeling truly disappointed.   It was the 1984 Victory tour of the Jacksons.   I had seen Michael in concert a couple times and he was amazing but this show just sucked.  Not because of the performance but because in the sound.   You can kind of hear in the video below that the sound isn’t good but at the venue where I saw them (Detroit) the sound was even worse.  The first number they played was Wanna Be Starting Something and as much as I love that song … I didn’t recognize it.  It took half the song before I figured out what they were singing.  It was so echoey and muffled … it was really disappointing.

So tell Mitch what was your worse concert experience on Facebook.