I have always believed music takes every one of our complicated emotions and manages to speak when we can’t … sometimes through lyrics and sometimes through a melody.   The flood of emotions that military families experience are both complex and deep.   Songs have helped mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives and children deal with long separation and severe anxiety worrying  about the safety of their loved ones.   Songs have captured the dull constant ache of missing someone and the absolute joy of being reunited when a soldier returns home to his family.

The below song always makes my eyes fill up.  It is a sad one but I think it captures the complicated emotions so many mama’s feel.  (Ignore the video … the song didn’t have an official video and this montage of pics of the lovely George Michael has nothing to do with the song itself).

If you are a military family tell me what song has helped you get through the separation of your loved one.