Mother Nature Dropped Us the Perfect Quarantine Activity for Kids!

When you have two young kids running around at home, and you aren’t allowed to go anywhere, one of the hardest things to do is maintain some sort of variety in activity. Like many other areas, we fall into ruts with play/learn time. Luckily my wife makes mommy moves all the time to keep them engaged! That doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate an assist now and then, just like what Mother Nature delivered to us a week or so ago.

A mommy bird tending her nest right in our own front yard!

Instantly, my wife and I go into science teacher mode. Let’s document what’s happening! What do you notice? Why do you think the mommy bird is doing this particular action?

It’s been a nice respite from playing dinosaurs all day, which is what my four-year-old son would do if we did not intervene with other ideas (not that there’s anything wrong with dinosaurs…there are a lot worse things he could be into, like Sponge Bob).

So thank you, Mother Nature, for giving us this ongoing biology lesson for my kids right in our own front yard!