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After two decades, the MTV News website has gone dark.

MTV News was shut down last year after news of financial problems at Paramount arose.

On Monday, users who tried to access articles on the site were surprised to find that they were gone and were redirected to the MTV website. Now, why do this?! According to writer Alex Young, he believes it could have to do with Paramount not wanting to pay for the insurance of having such a wide array of content there. He says in his article:

Every piece of content published on a site like MTV comes with a certain amount of risk. Is there a sentence that is inaccurate? Does a negative review contain something that an artist might construe as libelous? Is a photo or video properly licensed? And often times, these issues don’t surface until years after the initial piece of content was published. For a site as expansive as MTV News, such costs were likely astronomical, and even with insurance and licensing deals, those aren’t failsafes against a costly lawsuit. If there was no revenue being generated, you can see why Paramount would want MTV News off its balance sheet.

In summary, 30 years of music history have been wiped from the site, and journalists who spent so much time and energy on creating content for that site over the decades are “devastated.”

MTV reps didn’t respond to requests about the change.

You can read more from Alex Young on, who had a quite insightful piece on this loss of music history.