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Much Gratitude to this Man From Aurora

Leslie Harris filling in for Scott and Danielle once again, and you may have heard of Greg Zanis of Aurora. You have almost certainly heard of the work he’s done. In places where there has been gun violence, tornadoes and  other disasters, Greg travels to the area with crosses, Stars of David and other religious symbols, that he makes by hand. He leaves them there for 40 days.

He has delivered over 27,000 crosses across the country, but he says it’s time to pass his torch. He’s tired. He’s 69 years old, and his ministry has taken a physical and emotional toll on him. He says he cries every time. He hugs and talks with the mourners.

Fortunately, Lutheran Charities of Northbrook plans to continue his work.

Greg says he will spend his time training others to take over, as well as working on his 1927 Cadillac.

We are grateful to Greg and his family for the comfort he has brought to countless families across the country.

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