Must The Punishment Fit The Crime????

OK, so I need your help with this one. Maybe you’ve experienced someone taking your lunch or drink or treat from the frig at work. Maybe they borrow stuff from your desk or just assume it’s OK to use something that does not belong to them no matter what. Well I’ve run into a recurring problem with this kind of annoyance. Some months ago Scott Mackay (the know it all wise ass that occupies part of the morning show) decided it was OK to give away a Pink Flamingo that had been in the studio (and was given to me by staff members for a birthday some years before). It was out of the way, interfering with nothing and giving the studio what little class it can have when the a fore mentioned Sloppy Scotty is in residence. Now the same Slobber Scottish has now taken it upon himself to take a pair of almost new flip flops (odorless and clean) that were in a Jewel bag (not yellow) and had been placed in the bottom drawer of the studio file cabinet and remove them (as a joke) and throw them in the trash. I dealt with a similar issue once at WCKG with the late great Alan Stagg who thought it was funny to use my coffee mug, that I always left in the studio, as his ashtray. After our little one on one Al not only never thought of doing that again, he also damn near quit smoking…..cigarettes that is! Over the years I’ve bested this premature (grey) poserĀ  Stinky Scott in most everything we’ve ever competed at! This is frustration showing through and through?? Hmmm…So I ask….what say you of of this repeat violator? Death to sticky fingers! OK maybe that’s a bit much, but I’m thinkin’ he should at least have to wear the tee shirt pictured at the top of the blog for a week. I don’t have to say without washing it cause he’s got hygiene issues anyway! So I’m open to suggestions…..



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