My Family Odyssey !!

Finally back from vaca today so I guess we can call this my fun family odyssey! We’ve all been the captive of the COVID Curse and the Pandemic Pause!! No contact, no being out, no travel, no family interaction! Gee, what a fun time we’ve all been having! So after receiving my 2nd shot of the Moderna vaccine on Easter Sunday I decided it was time to travel. I started in early May with a trip down to Florida to see my daughter McKenna, RJ and my grandsons Nathaniel and Kane for a long Mother’s Day weekend. So much fun and sun! Yeah Baby! A few weeks later I headed to Cleveland to see my other daughter Jennifer, her husband Dan and my other 4 grandkids Emma, Johnny, Ethan (who just happened to be graduating high school that weekend…imagine that) and Lacey! Fun, golf, food and more F U N. Then just a week later I headed to the west coast to first hang out in LA with son Mitchell. Sweet accommodations, right on the beach at the Santa Monica pier where we feasted and saw old friends like Sky Daniels and Lorelei from The Loop, old friends Mike Bone from Capricorn Records and a Glen Ellyn bud named Scott Wilson whose been a S. Cali resident for almost 40 years. You can take the boy outta Glen Ellyn, but you can’t take the Glen Ellyn outta da boy…..and that’s a good thing. And I wasn’t done there…moved on north to San Francisco to see my other son Jeff and his husband Andrew. What a time we had up there. Beautiful surroundings, great food, a Giants game at Oracle Park (gorgeous) and then wine tasting in Napa and a long weekend in Lake Tahoe where I kid you not everything looks like a beautiful postcard. Mountains, water, amazingly beautiful pine trees, slopes, yes bears and views just out of this world. Mother Nature did real good up there. I even hocked up with another old friend from Lisle on the way to the Reno airport. I guess my point to all this is to thank you to my children and let them know how blessed I feel. What a wonderful time I’ve had and I’m gonna do it again soon. (Now I know they’re all worried. I’m serious)!! Family and friends! It’s  What Counts!