I mean, don’t get me wrong, watching my kids smile, jump and generally have fun on vacation is a blast…but this was incredible!

Every year we spend a few days in South Haven, MI with my wife’s family. We’re always looking for things to do with the kids, so the half hour trip south to St. Joeseph, MI is always on the to-do list! St. Joes has everything! Children’s museum, huge splash pad, old school carousel, parks on the beach. Great family spot!

We made a last minute decision to stop at Silver Harbor Brewing Company for an early dinner. As I sat there chowin’ down, I noticed someone at the bar with a pint of beer set on a thick circle of wood encased in a glass dome of smoke!


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Naturally, I had to get it.

The brewery lets you choose any beer from their tap list and have it smoked. The glass dome as a special port which lets you inject any smoke you want…this happens to be hickory. I chose a coffee stout which paired really well with the smoke aroma and flavor.

This concept ranks very high in creativity, but even higher with Instragramabilitiy! I mean, just look at how pretty and interesting it looks! And don’t I look much cooler now that you’ve seen me with it?! Of course I do!

Next time you make a trip into the harbor country of southwest Michigan, you should really stop by Silver Harbor Brewing Company…even if you don’t like beer, the food is amazing!