My Football Play-By-Play Duties Begin This Weekend 🥶

This winter, by most standards, has been a relatively uneventful one! Mild-ish temperatures, not too much snow. That is, until last week! Since then, we are approaching a foot of snow and are currently in the midst of a dangerous cold streak!

Even as I type this in Studio B2 (which is my basement), I can feel the cold air cascading down over my shoulder from the egress window above me.

Sounds like a perfect time for the delayed football season to start for my beloved Saints of the University of St. Francis for whom I do the play-by-play announcing! Nothing like a “spring” football season, amiright?!

Thankfully, football players are tougher than I am, and as of publishing time of this blog, the game is still a go. I’ll be tucked away warmer (not warm…but warmER) than the players and coaches on the field as they take on their rivals from Chicago, the SXU Cougars.

If you are interested in my side gig, you can watch starting a bit before noon tomorrow (Saturday) live from Joliet Memorial Stadium.

Not the first time I’ve had to call a game in miserable weather! There was the time a few years ago at Trinity International where my partner and I called the game from the top of the press box that was covered in ice!

Oh well! We’ve been waiting too long for football, so let’s go!!