My name is Leslie, and I have ADHD

Hi this is Leslie Harris, and I have suspected for many years that I probably have ADHD, but I only got diagnosed about two and a half years ago. I’m writing this blog to perhaps educate some, and hopefully help to destigmatize ADHD.

It was actually kind of funny to me for a long time, and then I started reading more and more about it. I realized that my ADHD was probably keeping me from achieving a lot in my life.

I went to see a new GP at the end of 2020, who recommended I see a psychiatrist. After a pretty brief conversation, the psychiatrist confirmed that I in fact do have ADHD, and prescribed Adderall. Unfortunately, the Adderall made me jittery and even more scattered.

This past fall, my GP prescribed methylphenidate, but the generic is and has been out of stock for months due to supply chain issues, and the name brand is hella expensive, even with insurance and Good RX. I have tried using all sorts of natural therapies including vitamins, herbs, supplements, NET, EMDR, brain games and more. They’ve helped, but not enough.

Very few people talk about the positive aspects of ADHD, but there are many. People with ADHD tend to be creative and good conversationalists. I am convinced that a large percentage of people in radio have ADHD. Those with ADHD are often spontaneous and energetic, and many are able to hyper focus and are resilient.

But I’m frustrated. I get distracted easily, and then I beat myself up for not accomplishing more than I do. I’m also really disorganized, and I beat myself up for that as well. I find it difficult to focus and concentrate.

I’m sharing this for two more reasons. One, so that other people like myself who were never diagnosed might be encouraged to seek some help. But also, to ask those of you who have found ways of managing your ADHD, what has worked for you?

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