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On Saturday, before the snow began to melt, I decided to skip nap time (quite the risky decision) and take my three-year-old Max sledding for the first time.

I zipped over to a local sporting goods store and spent way too much money on some snow pants for myself, gloves and a hat for him and a shiny new saucer. After we bundled up and Busha came over to enjoy the show, we went to Four Seasons Park in Shorewood.

This hill is MASSIVE. I believe it was build with sledding in mind. And while the weather was great, the hill wasn’t so crowded!


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Max’s first time sledding was a success! Full disclosure…I had way more fun than he did.

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Did I start small and work up to the big slope? Absolutely not! I plopped own on the saucer and put Max in my lap. A couple of pushes and down we went! If we are going to do this, we are doing it!

After our first trip down the hill, he was so excited! He loved it and wanted to do it over and over!  The only difference was that I wasn’t about to carry him up the hill anymore…daddy isn’t in that kinda shape anymore!

We went up and down about a dozen times. A few times some nice fellow sledders let us use their large, inflatable tube instead of our $10 saucer. That was awesome!

I would like to ask other sledders though to please not lollygag at the bottom of the hill. I damn near broke some leg bones twice, having to yell “WATCH OUT!!!” like a dang crazy person on more than one occasion.

If I’m being honest, I had an absolute blast…probably a lot more fun than my son. I look forward to more trips before this winter is out.