I am fully aware that grocery shopping, while not an unenjoyable experience, is not my forte. I’m terrible at finding the items I am looking for. I spent an inordinate amount of time bouncing from one side of the store to the other looking for certain things! It’s as frustrating to me as it is my wife.

So, in order to help me streamline last night’s shopping trip (and get me back home quicker to deal with bedtime, I assume), my wife not only wrote out the shopping list, but organized it by section and aisle!!!


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Grocery shopping isn’t a strong suit, so my wife gave me a list broken down by aisle/section. Very impressive.

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I have to say, her memorization of the Aldi aisles and the items therein has me pretty impressed, even 12 hours later! She did this by memory, in five minutes, and with 100% accuracy!

And it worked! I was back home in about an hour, which is record-breaking time for me!

Looking back though, it’s probably equal parts helpful lifehack and personal insult (I mean, what kind of guy can’t find things at Aldi?! Me, that’s who!)

Yes, I realize Alsi has like 6 aisles. And to those who would mock me for taking 2 hours to shop at Aldi, I say, “Shut up.”