My Winter Vacation in Photos

Man, I had a great time during my days off! Christmas was a blast with a two year old! We put out cookies and milk for the first time, and he’s finally starting to get the whole Santa thing, which is fun. He even got a big foam Slimer from his Aunt Sunny!

I also ran the sound board for our midnight service at church – which was a bit more stressful than I was anticipating.

We did some pretty fun things, as well, like take the kids to Zoo Lights at Brookfield Zoo (man was it cold!) and an open gym at a gymnastics gym in Plainfield, which the two year old loved!

We brought the kids to a NYE party at a friends house, did a count down around 9:00 p.m. and was home and in bed by 10:30! Not bad! I even had a chance to try some non-alcoholic craft beer (which isn’t as bad as it sounds!).


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My winter break on photos!

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I’d love to see what you did if you were able to have time off!



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