So I am an only child and like most only children I fantasized about being part of a huge family that would pile into a bus like the Partridge Family and drive around the country performing to adoring fans.   Of course non of the Partridge family were actually siblings really.  In fact real sibling musical acts were much more complicated and I don’t think they smiled as much as the Partridge Family (Well maybe the Osmonds … they had big smiles.)   Usually the demise of many amazing bands can be traced to siblings falling out.   I mean … Oasis was a mess and the Everly Brothers came to a violent end when one brother smashed a guitar over the other brothers head!

Of course other siblings have done much better.  The Gibb brothers always seemed to get along … and I am pleased to say Ann and Nancy Wilson seemed to have sorted out their issues and are touring again this summer.   Speaking of sisters … I have decided to go with a lesser known pair whose 1981 band came out of Los Angeles and initially had kind of a sixties sounds.

Sisters Vicki and Debbie Peterson, of the Bangles (originally known as the Bangs,) along with Susanna Hoffs and Annette Zilinskas — provided a welcome escape from much of the hardcore sounds coming out of Los Angeles at the time.  A single and EP got their name out there, and after signing to a major label, they kept rising higher, eventually scoring big hits and even bigger hair. Even though they’re best known for pop hits like ‘Walk Like an Egyptian’ and ‘Manic Monday,’ the heart and soul of the Bangles was, and still is, harmony pop meets garage rock.  As corny as the video is … this is a great song from an early album.

So tell me your favorite band that is full of sibling rivalry.