Brookfield Zoo is pretty good when it comes to having some creative and fun ideas, so this is very much on-brand!

If there is — er, WAS — a special person in your life that you feel deserves the distinction of being the namesake of one of the most disgusting bugs I can think of, then this is for you!

Since our beloved Brookfield Zoo runs on donations, you’ll have to pay a small $15 fee for the right to name one of their Hissing Cockroaches after that not-so-special someone. Or heck, name it after anyone for that matter! They don’t care! Just give them your money!

You have until Monday, February 7th at 5 p.m. to submit your name.

You’ll receive a Certificate of Naming* that you can fill out and share or hang on your wall as a reminder that a cockroach now bears that name. Though the building will be closed in February, you’ll still receive placement on the Cockroach Naming Board inside Hamill Family Play Zoo by the Madagascar hissing cockroaches (first names only). The board will be unveiled on February 14, and we’ll be sure to post pics to social media so you can find your names on the board next to the cockroach habitat.

To submit your name and help the zoo, click here!