So the music world and the world of Hollywood have often overlapped … The Beatles made a few films, Elvis had quite a few movies but to be fair … they really just played themselves so not sure how much actual acting was taking place.   (Although Elvis did have those love scenes down quite well!)   So there have been quite a few musicians who have tried their hand at acting with a variety of levels of success.  Madonna was shredded by the critics when she appeared in a few films but Mark Walhberg (famous for the Funky Bunch) has had some brilliant performances.  Of course my favorite by far in this category is David Bowie.  I have always loved Bowie as an actor.  He has such charisma and a great sense of humor and has played a variety of roles.  (If you didn’t see the episode of Extra’s that he appeared in then you must check it out … so funny!)

On the flip side you have actors who have tried their hand at singing.   Remember Bruce Willis in the eighties … he loved his harmonica and used the pseudonym Bruno Radalini … that was fun.  Kevin Bacon doesn’t just dance … he is a great musician.  He and his brother have been touring as the Bacon Brothers for a long time.

My choice for the music challenge is honestly a truly chronically awful song but when I was a little girl I always felt so grown up when my parents let me watch Starsky and Hutch on tv (I even named my pet gerbils Starsky and Hutch … but Hutch turned out to be Hutchina … but that’s a whole other story…)  Anyhoo you can imagine how excited I was when David Soul aka Hutch suddenly released an album … I thought it was fabulous (trust me it isn’t) but due to childhood sentimentality I have to go with the below track.

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