The world of Rock and Roll is full of fools … but we will get to that later on tonight.   Right now let’s talk about the fools who are the subject of songs.  Often the fool mentioned is the fool singing the song … Sometimes that fool is wondering … why they fell in love … or what they believe … and some fools promise not to get fooled again!

At the end of the day … much of music touches on the subject of love and let’s face it nothing makes you behave more foolishly than love.  (Well I did watch Motley Crue’s The Dirt over the weekend so it should be said that drugs and alcohol are probably responsible for the majority of foolish behavior but love is a close second.)

Of course the cruise industry is also big when it comes to fools.   I mean there have been many songs written about ships of fools.  (Check out Robert Plant’s song or Erasure).   I went with a lesser known band from the eighties called World Party.  Definitely a song that was ahead of it’s time.  World Party was essentially the brain child of former member of The Waterboys,  Karl Wallinger.  Karl is a fab songwriter and not even remotely foolish.

So here you go … enjoy World Party Ship of Fools for tonight’s music challenge.

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