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Name a song that could have gone on a mix tape when you were in high school?

So last week Scott and Danielle told us about a rather spacey mix-tape that was being put together.  NASA had requested songs to go up in space and people rallied to the cause!   This inspired this week’s Music Challenge theme.   We are all about the mix-tape baby!

I thought I would start the week off with the place where the mix-tape is usually born.  High School.  Now high school mix-tapes come in many varieties … mix-tapes for your crush…. mix tapes for your friend who has been dumped but I am going to go with a more mainstream mix-tape.   The one that you make for a friend introducing them to bands and songs they may not know.  Essentially this is the mix-tape where you are trying to be cool.  Showing that your musical knowledge runs deep and you don’t spend your time listening to Madonna and Michael Jackson because you know the cool bands (HA HA!!)

So of course my mix-tape of alternative tracks would feature a lot of Brit music … (and I’m not that cool so you probably would know most of it) but here’s a band I loved in high school that may have slipped under your radar… so I want to put it on a mix-tape for you!   This is Blancmange (the band … not the dessert) with Living On the Ceiling.

So what would you have put on a mix-tape for me in High School?

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