Mondays are full of chat … meetings catching up with the upcoming weeks events, water cooler conversations catching up on the latest rainy Sunday binge watching and lots of hellos and goodbyes as your family comes and goes.   So I thought we could start the week off with a song that has some of that chitter chatter in it.

There have been some great songs that just stop for a minute and speak some truths.  Jim Morrison of the Doors often had some spoken word in his music.  In the eighties you had great moments in videos like when the band ABC stopped their super fun song Look of Love and said …

And all my friends just might ask me
They say, “Martin, maybe one day you’ll find true love”
And I say, “Maybe there must be a solution to
The one thing, the one thing we can’t find”

Then of course there is the legend that is David Bowie who in his fabulously laid back voice stated …

I know when to go out
Know when to stay in
Get things done

…in one of my all time favorite songs … Modern Love.

So I had a tough time choosing but I went with this Iggy Pop song because it features the lovely Kate Pierson and I am on a B52’s kick right now.   Just wait for the cool moment when Kate says

Yeah, well it hurt me real bad when you left
Hey, I’m glad you got out, but, but I miss you