So this past weekend I was lucky enough to go up to Traverse City Michigan for the Cherry Festival.   Have you ever had fresh Michigan cherries … they are delicious (although truth be told … they don’t have Michigan cherries at the Cherry Festival … as it’s too early in the season 🙂 )

Anyhoo … I will tell you more about the Cherry Festival later but let’s talk about some of our favorite fruity songs.   The berries are probably  the most popular of the fruits in music … the Beatles Strawberry Fields, Prince’s Raspberry Beret and of course you can’t forget the original thrill on Blueberry Hill.

Apples are big in music.  Lemons do well and occasionally even the banana makes an appearance, but as I was just at the Cherry Festival I have to go with the delicious and juicy cherry.

The Cherry has been a popular topic for fruit themed songs … sometimes in a pie or under a moon.  But I went with this one … a song about a horse under a cherry tree.  KT Tunstall is a lovely Scottish singer, songwriter.  I have liked her voice.  This was her break out hit from 2004….

So grab that fruit bowl and tell me your favorite fruity song.