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Name a song that is more like an anthem, and what is it an anthem for?

Earlier in the week we talked about songs that were written about events … some historical and some more personal.  There were truly some brilliant tunes.   So today I thought we would focus on songs written FOR an event (not about it).   These songs are often referred to as anthems and some come about organically and some are more intentional.  A lot of anthems have been written for social change and other national movements, but anthems can be written for a sports team having a good run or a charity fundraising.

The clip below was more of an organic moment from the first Women’s March on January 21, 2017.   A group of artists had rehearsed this song via the internet but never met and sung it together until the actual march.  It was a viral moment that gave the March it’s own anthem.  Of course there were other songs about female empowerment that were part of the March but this one was kind of unique as no one had heard of it until that day.

Of course music and powerful anthems were a huge part of the civil rights movement.  Soul songs, gospel songs and songs that written by popular performers who wanted to support the cause.   When I fill in for Scott and Danielle on the morning show, Jan Shimek and I will often talk about our love of Sam Cooke.  One of the most soothing voices of our time whose premature death was such a huge loss.  There were many powerful anthems for that time but the sound of Sam Cooke’s voice just took this one to a whole new level … So the anthem I chose on tonight’s music challenge is – Sam Cooke/A Change is Gonna Come.

So swing over to Facebook and share your favorite anthem … it can be about a national movement or your favorite sports team … anthems don’t all have to be heavy!

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