So I don’t know if I can eat cauliflower anymore.  Ugh … getting older is so much fun!!  I mean I love cauliflower … and it’s good for me … but the last few times I have eaten it … I have had such a stomach ache  (the same is true with brussel sprouts … although there is also another side effect to those that I won’t share #TMI !)

So last night I was lying in bed with my post cauliflower stomach ache and all kinds of tunes were going through my head about medical issues … Bad Case of Loving You (although my version was Bad Case of Cauliflower Blues) … I Wanna New Drug …. and even the Sound of Music’s Spoonful of Sugar … (I was convincing myself that some ice cream might make me feel better … I settled on some milk instead.)

So last night was not a stellar night for sleep … but it was a great night for Music Challenge question ideas … (I came up with a bunch!)  So starting with the first one I thought of … songs about medical issues (I thought naming a song about bad digestion would be too specific – although The Wiggles have a rocking tune about digestion … just sayin’) .

I have to say in my opinion the catchiest of the medical songs is the one below. (and it has a crazy cool eighties video vibe) .  The  Thompson Twins  were named after the two bumbling detectives Thomson and Thompson in the comic strip The Adventures of Tintin.  At various stages, the band had up to seven members, but their most known incarnation was as a trio between 1982 and 1986. They became a prominent act in the US during the Second British Invasion, and in 1985, the band performed at Live Aid, where they were joined onstage by Madonna.