Everybody’s working for the weekend right?   Are there more joyous days of the week to sing about … I don’t think so.  I mean Monday’s are manic…you have to say goodbye to Ruby Tuesday …John Lee Hooker had the Wednesday Evening Blues… and Harry Nillson wrote a song called (Thursday) Here’s Why I Did Not Go to Work Today.   Once we get to Friday … we are in love!

Friday and Saturday songs are usually about fun.  Sunday songs can be a bit more  chill and sleepy  (well unless they are bloody 🙁  )

There are entire playlists dedicated to Saturday but I had to go with this classic that literally spells out the day of the week.

The original version of the song was recorded and released in the UK in 1973 but did not hit the charts.  It was sung by original Bay City Rollers lead singer and founding member Nobby Clark. At the end of 1975, a re-recorded version of  “Saturday Night” was released in America and hit the number-one spot in January 1976. It was the first Billboard #1 of the US Bicentennial year. The song had been re-recorded for the Rollers’ 1974 UK album Rollin’ with lead vocals by Les McKeown, Nobby’s replacement.  (Also fun fact …the song was recently used in Netflix’s Umbrella Academy series)

So here’s one to get you ready for the weekend … swing over to Facebook and tell me your favorite weekend tune.