So last nights music challenge was a little hippy dippy out there … so I decided to keep it super simple tonight … this one is definitely not a head scratcher!  I even have it easier than most as there are SOOOO many songs that start with the letter S

I of course turned to the eighties for my choices … and there are so many.  Shock the Monkey, Save a Prayer, Shellshock, She Drives Me Crazy, Shout, Sunday Bloody Sunday (but this is not a rebel challenge … LOL)   There are so many great songs … way too hard to choose … so I actually went with a favorite video … from one of my favorite British Lads, Thomas Dolby.

Actually I was lucky enough to meet Thomas when I was 15 years old … I  went on tour with him for one night as my cousin was working the tour and I saw him perform in the legendary Hacienda club in Manchester … at one point he needed a clean white shirt … so my Thomas Dolby claim to fame is that my cousin and I went shopping at a British store called Marks and Spencers and bought Thomas Dolby a new white shirt.   🙂

So back to the song … just a super fun video directed and shot entirely by Dolby, where Dolby commits himself to the Home for Deranged Scientists. Various mad scientist types operate fanciful inventions on the grounds of the home and act insane with normal scientific items. Throughout the course of the video, Magnus Pyke (a famous British scientist ) tries to diagnose his ailment, all the while being seduced by the lovely Miss Sakamoto.   So enjoy this mad and super fun journey with Thomas Dolby.