I have had such a busy and at times overwhelming week.  However I managed to get through it and even get through it with a smile on my face because … well as the song below mentions … I had more than a little help from my friends.

This has been a Sgt. Pepper week for me.  Starting with lovely River listener Bruce who heard I didn’t own a copy of the iconic album and sent me one.   I have been listening to the album in my car as I drive around taking care of a million different things …and Bruce’s act of kindness made my journey so much more enjoyable.

I then had a really busy day that ended with a happy hour with my friends D & D.  These are two of the wisest and coolest girls I know … sharing a glass of happy hour wine with them is so good for my soul.

Then every day I get to come into the River and if I struggle with anything technical Nick Jakusz is always there to help me out and honestly … having Mitch in the studio every day feels like having family there.   These two lads are truly lovely and my work days have been so much more fun because of them.

So as we head into the weekend and I reflect back on a song to sum up my crazy week … it has to be this one.   Thank you lovely friends …