Welcome to the Music Challenge!  Tonight we are all about making you feel right at home.  There are a lot of songs that talk about Welcoming you … although truth be told … many of them welcome you to places you may not want to go … like the Jungle , the Machine, the Terrordome , My Nightmare  or even the Working Week.  Who wants to go to any of those places!

The animated furniture welcomes you in Beauty and the Beast … with a rousing rendition of Be Our Guest.  Tori Amos even has a song that is called Welcome to England (but it’s not a very happy song and the lyrics do not make you want to go to England.)

Here’s the thing though … you just know Stevie would never welcome you somewhere bad … even if it’s not home or Tara … Sara is the luckiest girl being welcomed by none other than Stevie Nicks.    Gypsies are very welcoming you know!   So enjoy this track from Tango in the Night … I hope you feel welcome!