It Friday night and you know what … I feel like dancing … don’t you?  You do?  Great I will totally make you a mix tape.  How about you make me one too!

Is there anything more fun than making a Friday night dance party mix-tape … I say no.   I have been making Friday night dance party mix-tapes since I was a wee girl.  There are so many great songs to dance to … I mean the eighties were full of great bands and I am a child of the eighties …it was a great time for dance music.   Disco had come and gone and a new edgier techno based beat was hitting the dance floor.

So the second I hear the first few beats of the below song … I just can see a whole bunch of cool eighties kids (well we thought we were cool anyway) rushing to the dance floor.    We swayed … we rocked … we bounced to this fabulous song and pretty much anything New Order released around that time.   So even today … this song always makes my dance playlists … the same way they used to make my dance mix-tapes back in the day.


So what will you be dancing to tonight?!