We have all been dumped … I may have been married 23 years but trust me … I was dumped in high school… I was dumped in college (actually both times that was by the same guy … I went back for second helpings … rookie mistake!)   I do remember that although there was a time to pick yourself up and move on … there is also a time to wallow … I mean … who doesn’t enjoy a good wallow!  Fortunately there are some outstanding songs to go along with our ice cream eating, robe wearing  couch sitting days of wallowing.   (I think Taylor Swift wrote half of them … girl has been dumped a lot!)

So I actually had a tough time choosing this one … I mean so many of my girls have written songs that are spot on about how I feel … Amy Winehouse, Adele , Gwen Stefani and Kelly Clarkson.   But I went for one that was written by one of my favorite fellas and sung by a trouble girl with an angelic voice.  Prince wrote this song in the late eighties and he does a great version of it but nothing compares to Sinead O’Connors version … She is so haunting not only on the song but also in the video … So if you are feeling emotional pain … you feel like she is totally feeling it with you … brilliant wallowing song.

So let’s have a wallow tonight and then tomorrow we will pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off and move on to bigger and better things!