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Name a song you hate by a band you love!

It is very easy to come up with a song you hate by an artist you hate … I think one of my least favorite songs is We Didn’t Start the Fire by Billy Joel… BUT … I am not a big Billy Joel fan (Elton is my piano man).   Coming up with a song you hate by a band you love … now that is a little trickier.

There are some universally terrible songs out there that a majority of music listeners hate.   But the song below is not one of those songs.  It reached number two on the Billboard charts.  It had a snazzy video that for some reason really irritated me.   The video featured all of the band members imprisoned and in peril, wearing uncharacteristically rough and ragged outfits similar to the pieced-together clothing of the film Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior. John Taylor was strapped to the roof of a car suffering a psycho-torture with pictures of his childhood and early past, Nick Rhodes was caged with a pile of computer equipment, Roger Taylor was put in a hot-air balloon that was dangling from the ceiling, leaving him high off the ground, and Andy Taylor was bound (guitar and all) to a ship’s figurehead. Singer Simon Le Bon, strapped to the spinning windmill which dunked his head beneath the water with each revolution, supposedly found himself in real difficulty when the windmill stopped with his head underwater. He was given a tube to breathe through and the issue was promptly fixed, but the British tabloids had a field day exaggerating Le Bon’s “near death experience”. Le Bon himself has dismissed this story in more than one interview as an “urban myth”, claiming nothing of the sort happened.

Anyhoo … back to the song.  I just find it annoying … I don’t like the drums, I think Simon sounds whiny and all the yelling… well that just seems unnecessary.   So my favorite band from my teen years has one song I hate!!  … And here it is…

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