We all could use a bit of cheering up once in a while  … and music has always been my go to.  Sometimes words are just too hard to find to tell someone that everything will be okay but there have been countless songs written that can help turn a frown upside down. Lyrics like …. Don’t worry … Be Happy (one of the more obvious choices) or pop on your Pharell Williams hat and just be Happy!

Sometimes we like to wallow and there is a mix-tape for that too but tonight we are all about cheering someone up … pulling them out of the wallow!   I do like to try and focus on the positive … I don’t always succeed (I mean towards the end of last winter when it seemed like the cold and snow and ice would never end … I struggled seeing the brightside of anything!!) However the sun is out now … so I am back on track.

In England we use the word ‘lovely’ a lot … for many different things (hello lovely … where are my lovelies …that’s lovely … aren’t you lovely?)   We also use it as the Brit equivalent of  the very American … ‘Have a Nice Day’ … We say … ‘Have a Lovely Day’.   So my cheer up song is by (the sometimes questionable) Bill Withers and if you need cheering up … I really just hope you have a Lovely Day!

So what song would you put on a mix-tape to spread  a little bit of sunshine?