We are on day two of our Mix-Tape week of the Music Challenge. (Inspired by the mix-tape request from NASA last week.)  Tonight we are looking to (and yes I am quoting Dana Carvey here…) “Pump You Up!”

Okay … let’s just start off with some basic facts.   I am not sporty … not even a little bit.   I mean I do occasionally play badminton on my back lawn but I was never part of a team which does make me a little sad.   I think if I had grown up later I may have played kiddie soccer like today’s little girls do … but my only option was gymnastics or dance … and I chose dance.   Anyhoo … I will now get off the childhood therapy couch and get back to tonight’s Music Challenge.

Songs to pump you up…. so I essentially cannot workout without music.  Like many people listening to a good song can really get me to go that extra mile on the elliptical.  However most songs are just fun songs I enjoy with a strong beat.   I like working out to ELO,  The Clash, and lots of eighties hits.   BUT it has to be said there is one song that really can get me moving if I am dragging and need that extra push.   So I have chosen it as my mix-tape song tonight.   I have been jamming to this tune for a really long time… (yes even before we all became Queen crazy with the release of Bohemian Rhapsody).  It’s such an empowering song … if this one doesn’t get you moving … nothing will.   Here is Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now.

What else shall we put on our mix tape … go over to Facebook and tell me your choice.