Songwriters across all genre’s love their mama’s.   They are always getting a shout out.  Ozzy told his mama he was coming home… Tupac rapped about his Dear Mama and country’s Carrie Underwood gave a whole song to her mama, aptly titled Mama’s song.    Some songs are definitely about Mama’s even if they aren’t mentioned in the title and sometimes mama’s just get a mention even if the song isn’t about them (think Bohemian Rhapsody) .  Lenny Kravitz even had a whole album dedicated to his Mama (Mama Said)

So in honor of yesterday’s special day… I thought we would recognize some of those amazing songs about that ridiculously important person in our lives….  a song about mama’s.

So the song I went with is a bit of a downer (sorry but it’s so good) … It is from Sting’s 1987 album Nothing Like the Sun.  The song is a metaphor referring to mourning Chilean women (mostly mothers) who dance the Cueca, the national dance of Chile, alone with photographs of their disappeared loved ones in their hands. Sting was accompanied by Eric Clapton, Fareed Haque and Mark Knopfler on guitar with Rubén Blades providing additional Spanish vocals.    I have always found this song haunting, particularly because it is based on a truth.

So tell me what songs makes you think of your Mama…