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“I see a lot of people my age or older discouraging kids because the type of cars they like or what they can afford to do just aren’t in line with what my idea of was when I was in high school of what a hot rod or a fast car, so encourage those kids. Get them involved. Get them a wrench and it’s amazing what they can do.”

That’s the message being sent by Greg Ditch, the teacher of the automobile program at Naperville North High School. A group of kids has taken an old, beat up truck and transformed it from the ground up to be a sleek and fast speed demon that will be looking to set a speed record this week at an event in Texas.

You’ll notice the car is painted a bright shade of pink. That is because the truck is meant to highlight the involvement of the many females in the NNHS automotive program and their contributions to the truck, as well as to promote females in the automotive industry as a whole.

NNHS Autos
NNHS Autos

In the video I spoke with senior Kiara Tataber, who acts as the groups public relations manager (and trust me, they’ve needed it!), as well as junior Nick Gametti, who’s work has been instrumental in getting this truck race-worthy.

NNHS Autos
NNHS Autos
NNHS Autos

They explained that everything in the truck was built by students, from rebuilding the engine (out of a 1980s Corvette), and SO MANY other parts that I like to call it a Franken-truck. Mr. Ditch laid out a pretty expansive list of where the parts came from:

The frame is a 1997 Chevy S-10 single cab, short wheel base, purchased for $700 from an insurance auction (the truck had been hit hard in the back driver side and had a bent framd.  The only thing that was usable was the front half of the frame and the cab).


We bought the engine for $150 at the junkyard and the students rebuilt it with performance upgrades.
Chevrolet 5.7L LT1 V8 from a 1996 Chevy Corvette (The engine was completely torn down and rebuilt with new pistons, rods, and crank).


Stage 2 Performance Camshaft
Scropion Racing 1.7 Roller Rocker Arms
Dual valve springs
Long tube, front exit headers
Standalone LS1 engine management system
Holley Street Fire Coils
Aluminum Cylinder Heads


I bought the transmission on Craigslist for $40.  The students rebuilt it with new clutches and components from Raybestos.
We also installed a 2500 stall torque converter.
Gears are selected using an E-Trans sequential shifter designed for drag racing.

Rear Axle: 

We pulled it out of a 2000 Mercury Mountaineer at the junkyard.  One of our students was taking welding courses at TCD and he narrowed it to make it the desired width and welded the new shock brackets.
We used the ring and pinion set from a 1992 Mustang, it has a 2.73 ratio which is ideal for higher speeds.

Fuel System:

ATL 5 gallon fuel cell
Weldon Performance Fuel Pump
Students fabricated all of the fuel lines and fuel system.
Fuel rail, throttle body, and injectors are all stock and reused from the original engine.

All of the original interior was removed from the truck.
We used a flat piece of aluminum and cut and shaped it to make the dash.
We installed AEM gauges and an Autometer Tachometer.
The seat is an aluminum racing seat purchased from Jeg’s.

We cut the frame of the truck off from the cab back and built what is known as a “back half chassis”.  This is a common practice in racing to build a better and stronger frame capable of handling a lot of power.

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