Naperville Still On Top!

So I’ve lived in or around the Naperville area quite a few times in my 47 plus years here in Chicago. Twice lived in Naperville itself, building a house down in River Run, but also in close proximity building a house some years back in Seven Bridges in neighboring Woodridge (Naperville schools). Had a business in downtown Naperville that didn’t turn so well and when I first came to Chicagoland I lived at Four Lakes Village in Lisle. That was back when Naperville was about 30,000 in population and Edward Hospital was one building. So I’ve seen a few changes and of course I’m still tied to the community “The Twin Kicks” as I call Aurora/ Naperville every day on the radio. It’s nice to see Naperville receive national recognition too! Naperville schools have once again helped the city earn top billing on the list of Cities with the Best Public Schools in America, 2019 rankings show. this week unveiled its annual rankings for 2019, with Naperville being listed the No. 1 city for best public schools and No. 1 for “Best Cities to Raise a Family in America.” It also ranked No. 6 as the Best City to Live in America, behind Arlington, Va.; Ann Arbor, Mich.; Berkeley, Calif.; The Woodlands, Texas; and Plano, Texas. In 2018, Naperville was the No. 1 city. To calculate its Best City list, Niche looked at public schools figures, crime rates, cost of living and family friendly amenities for 228 cities defined as urbanized areas with a population of 100,000 or more. Niche collects and analyzes data from dozens of federal and local government organizations, including the U.S. Census Bureau, FBI, Bureau of Labor Statistics and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. To determine the rankings, Niche uses the collected information combined with proprietary Niche data and community reviews from each area. As a city, Naperville received an A-plus grade from Niche. It also earned A-plus for its public schools, health and fitness, and as a place that’s good for families. It got an A for its outdoor activities and A-minus for its diversity, housing and jobs. Niche handed out a B-plus for the city’s nightlife, a B for job commute, and a B-minus for crime and safety. Naperville’s lowest grade, a C-plus, was given for the weather and cost of living. Out of the 517 reviews on the website, 161 people gave Naperville an “excellent” rating, 241 said it is “very good,” 98 called the city “average,” 10 said it is a “poor” place to live and four said it is “terrible.

I don’t live in Naperville anymore, but I do enjoy it’s shops, restaurants and simply driving through it each day on my way to the radio station. It has a very good feel!



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