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Naperville Teenage Becomes Youngest American Female to Reach Summit of Everest!

(This video is from several years ago. Since then, she accomplished that goal and is on to bigger and better challenges. Much bigger.)

She’s done it, folks!

At 5:40 a.m. local time (6:25 p.m. Wednesday for us), 19-year-old Lucy Westlake of Naperville reached the top of the world, and in doing so, set a new American record for youngest female to conquer Mt. Everest!


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Now the question is, how fast can she get down and back to this side of the world?! Lucy is just 18 years old and will graduate from Naperville North this year with a full athletic scholarship to USC. However, her graduation ceremony is set for May 22nd! Will she make it?! Better question…does it matter?!


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A post shared by Lucy Westlake (@lucy.westlake.22)

Here’s the thing…climbing the world’s tallest mountains is old hat for ol’ Lucy here! She’s been climbing with her dad since she was seven! She’s already climbed the tallest peak in all 50 states and a few other monsters around the world (the youngest female to do THAT!). As a matter of fact, Everest is just one STEP in a larger plan to complete the “explorer’s grand slam” all before she gets to college next year.

“What is the explorer’s grand slam?” you ask? Well, dear reader, that would be scaling the tallest peak on all seven continents then going to both the North and South Poles!! Since she has just checked off the Everest box, all she has left is Mount Kosciuszko in Australia and the two poles.

Through her exploring efforts, Lucy is raising money to provide safe drinking water to the world.

You can – and SHOULD –  read more about Lucy here!

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